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Under the guidance of Dr. Joel Becker, a cognitive health program can be implemented into organizations of a widel range of sizes.

Once implemented, the cognitive health program services are monitored and continually tailored to meet the needs of the specific client.

In addition, professional consultation is offered to management for complex individual cases that require specialty input and guidance. The services have been utilized for an employee returning to work after treatment for an illness or injury. They have also been utilized for assessing the performance capacity of an employee where specific cognitive performance standards are critical.

The evaluation and work based recommendations are made utilizing state-of-the-art knowledge and assessment measures. The goal is to optimize retention and performance of employees through the promotion of cognitive health initiatives and services for those individuals who have encountered a cognitive challenge.

Individuals with concerns or specific needs are always welcome to contact us and learn how we may be able to help.

Dr. Joel Becker provides state-of-the-art specialty neurocognitive consultation and evaluation services to large and small corporations. One component of the evaluation services provided is the newly released Impact Workplace assessment.

This assessment can provide baseline neurocognitive assessment of individuals or large groups of staff as well as the evaluation of post-concussion or other neurological conditions affecting cognitive functions.Dr. Becker will personally provide the consultation and work with key human resource/management staff and medical providers as part of the service.

Baseline assessment can be part of a yearly health examination or pre-employment health examination for companies that have that standard. Dr. Becker will provide expert consultation on any unusual baseline exam findings.

Utilizing the job specifications and the individual’s baseline profile, specific occupational recommendations will be made. This can include fitness for the position determination, available treatments, and potential accommodations.

Staff/employees that have had a baseline assessment can be retested with a comparison evaluation made should a neurological challenge or change in cognitive performance occur. The comparison is a relative comparison using the individual’s prior assessment as well as a normative comparison using the normative group that best fits the employee’s demographic profile.

Additional Corporate Consultation and Evaluation Services:

1. Consultation to employers, their legal representatives, and insurance company representatives regarding employees with workplace performance difficulties and claims involving work related stress disorders or work-related psychological/emotional disorders.

2. Direct assistance in the interpretation of psychological/emotional, psychiatric, and medical stress related disorders reports.

Specific guidance on how to utilize information and to formulate appropriate employer responses including fitness for duty and return to work plans are provided.

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